Best Email List Building Platforms

September 3, 2015 by Yuan | Filed under Business.

If you’ve decided that an email list is the best way to market your website, you’re going to need an email list building platform. One of the easiest ways to distribute an email list is sending it to a number of addresses in Microsoft Outlook, however, most professional list building case studies would advise you that this really isn’t the best way.

There are a number of email list building platforms out there and we’ve rounded up some of the best ones to get your email list off the ground.

The most well-known of these platforms is Mail Chimp, which has been distributing many list building case studies for years. This platform offers both free and paid solutions and really can be used by anyone. Mail Chimp guides you through the whole process and even provides you with a number of templates to get started. Other than the content, Mail Chimp requires very little technical work on your end and anyone can use it.

More than 8 million people use Mail Chimp to design and send over 600 million emails every day, making this one incredibly popular platform.

If you’re currently already using the Zoho Office suite within your business, then you may want to opt for Zoho Campaigns to build your email list. Their free platform works hand in hand with your Zoho email account to build an address book of people you may want to send an email list to. Zoho Campaigns isn’t just available for current Zoho customers, it can also be used by anyone as a fantastic alternative to Mail Chimp.

Campaign Monitor on the other hand is one of the more expensive email list building platforms – but you are getting a much more feature intensive service for that price. Their unlimited plan allows users to send a completely unlimited number of emails every month. This coupled with complex design tools and powerful campaign reporting makes Campaign Monitor the most professional of these platforms.

Whatever platform you opt to build your list through, building an email list is an incredibly rewarding experience and could prove to be the next big traffic-mine for your website or blog.

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