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Understand Why The Chair Lifts Are Not Just for Indoors

September 24, 2015 by Yuan | No Comments | Filed in Home

At, they fully understand that people need to get around in feel more independent in their lives. This is especially true with their homes or each person wants to believe that their home is close to be their castle. There are many people out there who feel deprived of their ability to enjoy their […]

Lava Lamp – an intuitive piece of magic

August 18, 2015 by Yuan | No Comments | Filed in Home

A lava lamp, also known as Astro lamp that was invented in 1963 by Edward Craven Walker, a British accountant. It gained massive popularity since its launch due to the enigmatic appearance of lava. Lava lamps achieve the lava-like effect by utilizing blobs of colored wax that is filled in a glass vessel along with […]