How You Can Use Castor Oil To Rejuvenate Your Hair

November 7, 2015 by Yuan | Filed under Skin care.

Ask any hair stylist and they’ll likely tell you that castor oil is a hidden gem when it comes to hair care. Unbeknown to many, but castor oil is a fantastic treatment to rejuvenate your hair. It can be used to solve a whole host of different hair problems and it’s pretty easy to come across too.

Join us in this article as we take a look at how castor oil can rejuvenate your hair.

Benefits for your Hair

Castor oil’s unique chemical composition gives it a number of healing properties, which is why you’ve likely heard of castor oil being used to treat arthritis and other health conditions. It also has a similar healing effect on your hair. The vitamin E, omega-6 and other minerals in castor oil are fantastic for your hair and scalp.

Castor oil is able to help with hair regrowth and slow down the effects of hair loss. It can also make your hair richer and darker, whilst moisturizing the hair to make it shine.

Aside from this, it prevents split ends and treats dandruff/dry scalp. It doesn’t matter what condition your hair suffers from, castor oil will be able to go some way to help. There’s no denying that castor oil is the bestall-round treatment when it comes to your hair.

Applying Castor Oil to your Hair

Castor oil is best used to mask your hair, if you’re looking to take advantage of any of the aforementioned benefits that the product provides.

Castor oil is naturally of a very thick consistency, which means you should mix it with something like coconut oil or olive oil to make it easier to distribute. You can apply it to your hair and scalp with your fingers or a brush. Part hair at different sections and make sure that your hair is completely covered.

Once covered, wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave it to set for somewhere between 2 and 8 hours. It might be a good idea to leave it overnight. You can then wash your hair as you usually would and the oil will rinse out.

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